Cooper B. Johnson
Coldwell Banker Realty

Real Estate Professional leveraging strategic sales and marketing expertise garnered over 27 years in Corporate America combined with an innate passion for the Real Estate Industry. Expertise in communication, negotiation, and execution while working with multiple parties during real estate transactions.

My Story:
Throughout my life, architecture & design have been my core passions. As a kid, I loved Lego's and was obsessed in building houses with them, down to every detail including kitchen cabinets. At the University of Vermont, I pursued a degree in Historic Preservation (self designed), combining my love of buildings and love of history. After obtaining my degree, I continued taking courses - Interior Design and Architectural Drafting. I applied to the University of Utah and was accepted to their Masters of Architecture program. Due to a partner's relocation, I did not attend, and went back to my career in Beauty which continued for a total of 27 years. That did not end my obsession with buildings and design, in fact, I couldn't contain it. I bought a salon with the primary motivation being to design an amazing space, subsequently taking over the flower shop next door so I could design a bigger space. I bought my first house and caught the real estate bug. I realized I could exercise by passion by designing and renovating the bathroom, restoring the historic flooring, and designing the landscaping. Subsequent properties enabled me to design and renovate more bathrooms, kitchens, and homes in general with an added focus on lighting design.

Skills: Sales, negotiation, communication, client relations, strategic relationship management, category management, retail execution, training, adult learning, e-training development, public speaking, facilitation, (live) webcast development and deployment, operations, importing, wholesale distribution.

Outside of work I am an avid cook, hiker, and home renovation hobbyist.